1. Objectives

The objectives of KTC Alumni Association shall be:

a. To provide a chance to strengthen friendship among participants of the KTC programs by developing human network
while promoting fellowship and cooperation among members;

b. To facilitate the sharing of knowledge, experiences and resources among members;

c. To enhance partnership among tax authorities and among countries;

d. To make a contribution to the development of taxation by leading the advanced global standards on taxation;

e. To render services to the co-operational work of the KTC and the OECD by proposing constructive ideas;

f. To assist the KTC in maintaining a tradition of excellence in developing its programs


2. Name

The name of this organization shall be the Alumni Association of the Korea-OECD Multilateral Tax Center nicknamed as the KTC Family.


3. Status

KTC Alumni Association shall be a social and cultural community to develop friendship among its members, which is not political nor profit-making.


4. Secretariat

a. The Secretariat

The Secretariat of the Association handles supporting work and shall be the Korea-OECD Multilateral Tax Center in Seoul, Korea.

b. The Branches

Branches of the Association may be established and would be administered by a representative who is elected amongst members in the country or region in which the branch locates.

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