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Find more about interesting spheres that KTC Family has explored and be one of our welcomed guests. KTC Family played a major role in facilitating dialogue, raising awareness about the latest taxation development, and enhancing information communication among academia and policy makers in the Asia-Pacific countries. 

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Mr. Shin, Minsik
Welcome to the KTC Family!

Korea-OECD Multilateral Tax Center(KTC), has done our utmost as a tax capacity-building institution for Asia-Pacific countries since its establishment in 1997. As one of the OECD’s six multilateral tax centres around the world, KTC has served as a communication bridge for discussion on latest tax issues between OECD member and non-member economies by organizing annual conferences on advanced tax policies and practices for tax officials in Asia-Pacific region. It has provided the Asia-Pacific countries a platform for experience sharing and an opportunity for multi-cooperation on taxation matters.

KTC Alumni Association, KTC Family also has performed a pivotal role in strengthening the network of tax organisations within Asia-Pacific region since its birth in 2006.

In the midst of turbulent economic changes around the world brought by COVID-19, there are many difficulties lying ahead of us. In this time, it is important to maintain the firm cooperation between OECD member and non-member economies in Asia-Pacific countries to produce better tax policies for those problems. Furthermore, the KTC will be a reliable partner for non-member economies to support them to achieve advanced taxation systems evolving in line with their growing economies.

Therefore, KTC Family would provide information on capacity-building seminars and training programmes hosted by KTC and also easy access to the diversified network between tax organisations Asia-Pacific countries.

We appreciate your time for visiting our website. We promise that we will consistently find ways to better serve and satisfy our participants through our work. We would do our best to fulfill your expectation.
Thank you.


Director General of Korea Tax Center(KTC)

Mr. Shin, Minsik

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