1. The meeting of the General Assembly shall be held once every 2 years on a convenient date called upon by notice of the Secretariat to all members at least 1 month prior to the meeting. Agendas should have been prepared by the Secretariat before the meeting and may not be passed during the meeting


2. At least one representative in each economy may attend the General Assembly.
The meeting shall be presided over by the President.


3. The following shall be conducted:

a. Reading of minutes of the last meeting and approval thereof;

b. Financial Report from the Secretariat;

c. Report from the President on annual plans;

d. Election of the next President and announcements on the result of election.


4. Voting

Voting shall be done by a secret ballot in principle, However, it can also be done by a show of hands. Every member in good standing is entitled to one vote, and he or she may vote either in person or by proxy. The designation of a proxy shall be in writing and be reported to the Secretariat 10 days prior to the scheduled meeting.


5. Other Meetings

Any extra-ordinary meetings may be called for when the need arises, or upon a motion by a quarter of members, to discuss issues that are relevant to the objectives of the Association.

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