In Nov. 2006, the Korea-OECD Multilateral Tax Center (hereafter “KTC”) has hosted a Home Coming Seminar (hereafter “HCS”) after consultation with the OECD to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Korea joining the OECD membership. 

The HCS provided previous participants with a chance to revisit the KTC and Korea, and to meet each other again. At the end of the HCS, participants have come to an agreement that an alumni association of the KTC should be launched in order to strengthen network foster friendship and enhance cooperation among former participants. 

The Alumni Association of the Korea-OECD Multilateral Tax Center (hereafter “KTC Alumni Association”) consists of participants who have participated in previous KTC tax seminars and forms part of the OECD Outreach programs.


The purpose and intent of the KTC Alumni Association is to foster friendship and family-like kinship among members from various countries and backgrounds. While sharing information and experiences, members of the KTC Alumni Association will be able to help each other cementing a human network as international alumni.

Network among members will strengthen ties among tax agencies and authorities, and ultimately it will enhance mutual understanding among countries. The KTC Alumni Association aims to facilitate the development of systems, policies and administrations on taxation in each economy. 

The Association will make efforts to disseminate the advanced global standards on taxation by promoting future cooperation with other international organizations.

Once the network of the KTC Alumni Association is established, we believe that members of the Association will be able to exchange their views, ideas and experiences beyond country borders. Such cooperation will serve as a catalyst to connect OECD member economies and non-member economies.

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