Online OECD Tax Seminar on Effective Use of CbC Data and the Risk Assessment Tool

HostOECD – Korea TC
Date6-8 July 2021
Typevirtual workshop
Venuevirtual workshop
Attendeestax officials and policy makers who work on aspects relating to international taxation

Main Contents

The Tax Programme of the OECD Korea Policy Centre (KPC) and OECD co-organized the virtual Tax Seminar on 6-8 July, 2021. 
With its agenda “Effective Use of CbC Data and the Risk Assessment Tool,” the seminar addressed the usage of CbC data and multinational corporation policy trends of the OECD member countries and Asia Pacific countries. In particular, the concept and use of the Tax Risk Evaluation and Assessment Tool (TREAT) were highlighted. 
The seminar has lead by the experts Ms. Debra Evans (OECD), Mr. Simon Kimber (UK), Ms. Livia Gonzaga (Australia), Mr. David Dacal (Spain), and was attended by approximately 100 tax officials from the Asia-Pacific countries.
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