Online OECD Tax Seminar on Tax Treaty Negotiations

HostOECD – Korea TC
Date4-6 October 2022
Typevirtual workshop
Venuevirtual workshop
Attendeestax officials and policy makers who work on aspects relating to international taxation or that are, or will be, involved in tax treaty negotiations

Main Contents

The Tax Programme at the OECD Korea Policy Centre (KPC), in collaboration with the OECD, held an online international tax seminar via Zoom from October 4 (Tuesday) to 6 (Thursday), 2022.
With its agenda “tax treaty negotiations”, the seminar focused on how to enhance the ability of countries to negotiate tax treaties in the future by developing technical knowledge and skills useful for negotiating tax treaties. The seminar provided training on various situations, negotiation styles, and policy questions that need to be addressed in the course of actual tax negotiations. In addition, breakout sessions and Q&A sessions were held for participants to share their experiences and perspectives, and negotiation simulations were conducted to help strengthen practical skills.
More than 100 tax officials from 23 non-OECD countries participated in the online international tax seminar. The trainers included Mr. Nestor Venegas (OECD, Principal Trainer), Ms. Patricia Brown (UN), Ms. Stephanie Smith (Canada), Ms. Antoinette Musilek (Spain), Ms. Ceren Gokmen (Turkiye), and Mr. Bruno Da Silva (ADB).
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