The 101st OECD Tax Seminar on International Tax Avoidance and Countering BEPS

Date2017. May 8(Monday) ~ 13(Saturday), 6 days
VenueSeoul, Korea
Attendees– Experts: Experts from OECD and OECD member countries

– Participants: Senior officials from the Ministry of Finance and the Tax Administration who deal with the taxation of large taxpayers and multinational enterprises and have a good understanding of international tax concepts

Main Contents

This event examines common techniques used by multinational enterprises to reduce their tax burden, with a particular emphasis on tax avoidance in international transactions, and how the different techniques to erode the taxable base and/or to shift profits to where they are subject to a more favourable treatment can be combined. This event addresses responses enacted by governments in their domestic laws and international tax treaties, such as general and specific anti-avoidance measures in the context of the BEPS Action Plan. A significant part of the workshop will be devoted to case studies and country-specific experience. It will allow experts to share views and experiences, as well as legislative and practical approaches. Participants will be expected to actively contribute and should be prepared to present their countries’ experiences.
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