The 106th OECD Tax Seminar on How tax administrations cooperate and exchange information

Date12-03-2018 – 15-03-2018
VenueSeoul, Korea
Attendees – Experts: Experts from OECD and OECD member countries
 – Participants:Tax Administration staff and Ministry of Finance officials

Main Contents

The purpose of the event is to examine the fundamental elements of modern tax administration systems and to highlight key trends, recent innovations and examples of good practice. In order to do that, the event will raise issues that tax administrations face, like: • Advanced analytics • Co-operative approaches to tax • Insights from innovation in tax debt management • Using digital delivery to enhance the integrity of tax systems • Large business and international (Compliance risk and international collaboration) • Improving mutual agreements procedures • The measurement of tax gaps • Third-party data management….

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