The 118th OECD Tax Seminar on Exchange of Information as a Tool to Combat Offshore Tax Evasion (BL)

Date18-11-2019 – 22-11-2019
AttendeesThe seminar is designed for tax auditors, officials responsible for training tax auditors in EOI, and other persons engaged in exchange of information for tax purposes. Participants should be prepared to discuss their approach and issues in an open way.

Main Contents

Please note that this event is part of a BLENDED LEARNING COURSE. The on-line module can be found under the e-learning section. In order to receive the OECD certificate of completion, participants will have to review the e-learning materials and pass the self-assessment test before the last day of the event. This seminar will focus on the connection between the domestic tax investigation, the information gathering framework and the international infrastructure for exchange of information (“EOI”). Participants will be introduced to key concepts of transparency and exchange of information (EOI) assimilated into the international standards: EOI on request, automatic EOI, confidentiality and beneficial ownership. Through a series of hands-on workshop exercises, participants will be familiarised with the use of EOI networks and structures to improve the quality of tax audits and to combat transnational tax evasion. Participants are encouraged to make effective use of these EOI tools by increasing the number and quality of outgoing requests to their treaty partners. The seminar will strengthen awareness among participants that protection of domestic revenue is closely linked with the effective use of this EOI network.
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