the 1st letter to KTC Family members

Dear KTC Family Members

The Tax Programme (KTC) has been operating the KTC Family Web site for tax officials and experts in the Asia-Pacific region to exchange information on advanced tax policies and experiences since 2008.  With 2199 participants who have joined KTC seminar and are now playing an important role in the taxation field, the KTC is growing as a global leading center. We are writing this email to inform KTC members that we have renewed our KTC web site,  

Please visit our KTC Family web site now and refresh your memories by sharing photos and information. And the KTC Family web site has Members’ Lounge where all the former and present participants can talk each other so please come and visit the site frequently.

How to LOG IN and JOIN?

Log in

   We gave IDs and passwords to all members who have joined KTC seminars. If you mail us about the ID and password, we will give you the relevant information. And if you would like to change your ID or password, please email us. We would appreciate if you give us two or three other optional ones in case of IDs to prevent danger of duplication.


  In order to make the KTC Family web site more special and comfortable for users, we are granting   a full membership only to participants who have been to KTC seminars. If you would like to sign   up newly, please email us, then we will give you a separate address. You can be a member after approval. 

  Benefits of becoming a member

  You can find KTC members and are provided with many contents which are available only for   members such as seminar materials and relevant information. Please visit the web site to bring back your unforgettable memories and gain useful information.

KTC Family

KTC Family

KTC Family

"KTC Alumni Association,
KTC Family as a centre of multi-cooperation and networking hub for taxation matters in Asia-Pacific countries"

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