The 86th OECD-WCO Joint Tax Seminar on Transfer Pricing and Customs Valuation

Date2014. November 24(Monday) ~ 29(Saturday), 6 days
VenueLotte Hotel, Jeju, Korea
Attendees– Experts: Experts from the OECD, WCO, World Bank Group and Korea
– Participants: Officials from country Revenue and Customs authorities with prior knowledge of transfer pricing and customs valuation. 

Main Contents

The workshop will explore how Customs and Revenue authorities can work together to improve taxpayer compliance with regimes and provide taxpayers with a more joined-up and consistent approach.  Through the use of case-studies, the workshop will consider the processes countries have in place for the administration of their Customs Valuation and Transfer Pricing regimes, and explore how the two regimes might co-operate to support compliance and ensure consistency of approach. 
This event will be held in partnership between the OECD, the World Customs Organisation (WCO), and World Bank/IFC, and is a result of recent initiatives by the OECD and WCO to encourage closer alignment between customs valuation and transfer pricing, and enhanced co-operation between Revenue and Customs authorities.  The event will be open to officials from Revenue and Customs authorities. 
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