The Bilateral Programme, OECD Korea Policy Centre & GDT, Cambodia

Tuesday, Dec. 6 Seminar Day 1 (Seminar Venue: Phnom Penh Hotel, Phnom Penh)

09:00-09:30 Opening Ceremony & Introduction of the seminar
09:30-12:00International Taxation
14:00-16:30International Taxation
19:00-20:30Welcoming Dinner (Official Meeting with Commissioner H.E. Sim Eang and his Staff)

Wednesday, Dec. 7 Seminar Day 2

09:00-12:00Taxation of Financial Instruments
15:00-15:30Closing Ceremony
15:30-18:00Preparation of the KTC Family Local Gathering The KTC Family Local Gathering, Cambodia (Phnom Penh Hotel)
18:00-18:20Opening Ceremony (Remarks by VIPs, Commissioner of the GDT, Cambodia…)
18:20-18:30Introduction of the KTC (Video)
18:30-20:30KTC Family Local Gathering 

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KTC Family

KTC Family

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