Online OECD Tax Seminar on Getting Ready for Tax Treaty Negotiations

The Tax Programme of the OECD Korea Policy Centre (KPC) and OECD co-hosted the virtual Tax Seminar on 5-7 October 2021.

Tax treaties play a key role in the context of international cooperation in tax matters. On the one hand, they serve to encourage international investment and, consequently, global economic growth, by reducing or eliminating double taxation over cross-border income. On the other hand, they seek to enhance cooperation among tax administrations, especially in tackling international tax evasion.

With its agenda on “Getting Ready for Tax Treaty Negotiations,” the seminar introduced important concepts in the application and negotiation process of tax treaties, which are key issues in the field of international taxation. In particular, the programme focused on three provisions -permanent establishment, royalties, and pension funds- that require close negotiation by negotiating parties regarding treaty interpretation.

The seminar was led by the following experts; Mr. Nestor Venegas (OECD), Mr. Edward Barret (OECD), Mr. Andrew Dawson (OECD), Mr. Aart Roelofsen (Netherlands), Ms. Stephanie Smith (Canada), Mr. Carlos Protto (Argentina), Ms. Patricia Brown (UN), Ms. Irving Ojeda (UN). It was also attended by approximately 60 tax officials from the Asia-Pacific countries.

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