The 106th Tax Seminar on How Tax Administrations Cooperate and Exchange Information

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The 106th OECD Tax Seminar has been held in Seoul from March 12th to 15th by the Tax Programme of the OECD Korea Policy Centre. The topic was ‘How Tax Administrations Cooperate and Exchange Information’ reinforced and highlighted in recent years as much as international cooperation becomes more substantial in the field of international taxation.

Mr. Ana Rodriguez-Calderon

Ms. Anne Margaret Gormley

Mr. John Nicols

Mr. Olivier Affouard

Ms. Soojin Lee

The workshop has mainly focused on international developments related to tax information exchange instruments and the multilateral convention on administrative assistance in tax matters in all forms of tax cooperation to tackle tax evasion and avoidance.

Five experts from OECD, IBFD, and its member countries have joined the event to provide lectures and discuss key issues in regard to tax administrations’ cooperation and the way of exchanging information. In response to recognition of the important topic and experienced experts, medium to higher managers from tax authorities in Asia and Africa have come to the seminar to improve knowledge and develop network through various lectures and discussion.

Through the seminar, experts has given lectures about identification of the compliance challenges posed globalization and BEPS Action 13 (CbCR) and Common reporting standards, and JITSIC. With active participation in lectures and debate sessions, participants has improved the understanding of the legal, administrative and technological arrangements, bilateral and multilateral to facilitated tax administration cooperation beyond borders.

These are the detailed subjects dealt with during the seminar.

– Taxes in the globalized economy: the issues

– The architecture for international tax cooperation

– Cooperation architecture in Participant Jurisdictions

– Managing tax risks by Multinationals

– Managing compliance risks by Tax Administration

– International joint risk analysis

– Transparency and MNEs

– Co-operative compliance

– Country by country reporting (BEPS Action 13)

– The international standard on Exchange of Information on Request

– The Common Reporting Standards for Automatic Exchange of financial account information and IT resources in Tax Administration

– Confidentiality to ensure the taxpayer’s rights in the international environment

Also, they have taken a Seoul city day tour, provided by the KTC, to explore the beauty and dynamics of Korea.

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