The 109th OECD Tax Seminar on the Exchange of Information as a Tool to Combat Offshore Tax Evasion

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The Tax Programme of the OECD Korea Policy Centre (KPC) and OECD hosted the 109th OECD Tax Seminar on September 10-15, 2018, at Seogwipo, Jeju Island. 

The seminar discussed in depth the exchange of tax information between tax authorities of different countries to handle tax evasion issues such as offshore tax evasion by multinational enterprises. Presentations on the concept and structure of information exchange and cases of preventing tax evasion through information exchange, discussion on the role and efforts of tax authorities in promoting tax transparency were included in the seminar.

The seminar was led by Mr. Hakim Hamadi (OECD), Mr. Go Nagata (Japan), Ms. Renata Fontana (ADB), Mr. Shibanka Biswas (India), and was attended by more than 30 tax officials from 15 countries in the Asia-Pacific area.

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