The 71st OECD Tax Seminar on Tax Policy Analysis

The 71st OECD Tax Seminar on “Tax Policy Analysis”

(2011. 9.19 ~ 24, Noblesse A Hall, Prima Hotel)

□ The Tax Programme hosted the 71st OECD Tax Seminar on Tax Policy Analysis for six days from Septemger 19 (Monday) to 24 (Saturday), 2011 in Noblesse A Hall, Prima Hotel (Located in Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu).

□ Renowned experts including Mr. Bert Brys, the expert in the field tax policy analysis of the OECD, Mr. Christian Valenduc, the chairperson of related Working Party, Ms. Susan Hime (American lawyer) and Mr. Martin Baur (Federal Tax Administration, Switzerland) joined for  this seminar. And 20 tax officials from 13 non-OECD economies in the Asia-Pacific region including one Korean participant participated in the seminar.

ㅇ Important issues including measures to overcome financial and economic crisis through tax policies in 2008 and trends of tax policied in the OECD and member countries were discussed during the seminar.  

Main Contents

□  The main contents which were discussed during the seminar are as follows:
     ㅇ Introduction and roles of OECD Working Party 2
     ㅇ Case presentation on “Effective” and “Ineffective” country tax policy experiences
     ㅇ Conflicting tax policy goals and case studies
     ㅇ Case studies on conflicting and resolving policies of corporate income tax, and added          value tax
     ㅇ Tax trends in OECD countries after the financial and economic cirisis
     ㅇ Tax modeling, tax indicators and effective tax rates for tax policy analysis
     ㅇ Reform of personal income tax
     ㅇ Obstables to the implementation of fundamental tax reform and how to implement the         reforms
     ㅇ Taxation on business profits and investment
     ㅇ Country tax reform (country presentation)

ㅇ In this seminar, participants from each country presented on successful and failure cases of tax policy reforms which provided a good opportunity for policy makers to exchange information.

Opportunity to Learn Korean Culture and History

□ Participants had an opportunity not only to learn about tax policies but also to learn about Korean culture and history.

ㅇ All the participants learned about Korea in depth through study and city tours.

KTC Family

KTC Family

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