The 72nd OECD Tax Seminar on Tax Administration

The 72nd OECD Tax Seminar on  “Tax Administration”

(2011.11.14 ~ 19, Noblesse A Hall, Prima Hotel)

□ The Tax Programme hosted the 72nd OECD Tax Seminar on Tax Administration for six days from November 14 (Monday) to 19 (Saturday), 2011 in Noblesse A Hall, Prima Hotel (Located in Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu).

□ Mr. Matthijs Alink from the OECD HQ participated as a course leader and Mr. David Horton from the IRS, USA, Mr. David Appel from the Ministry of Taxation, Denmark joined as experts to the seminar. 25 tax officials from 12 non-OECD economies in the Asia-Pacific region participated in the seminar.

ㅇ The seminar was conducted with lectures on practical works and experiences relevant to tax administration followed by discussions.

Main Contents

□ The main contents which were discussed during the seminar are as follows:
     ㅇ General introduction on tax administration
     ㅇ Organizational structure and management of tax administration agencies
     ㅇ Risk identification, analysis and assessment while enforcing tax administration affairs
     ㅇ Risk treatment and evaluation
     ㅇ The roles of the tax administration in the tax legislation process
     ㅇ Understanding and influencing taxpayers behavior
     ㅇ Taxpayer rights and obligations
     ㅇ Performance measurement on taxpayer service

ㅇ Countries like Hong Kong and Singapore where they have settled down e-filing systems participated to the seminar and they shared information on examples of tax administration improvements through e-filing.

Study Tour to Samsung Electronics and Gyeongbok Palace

□ Participants experienced Korea’s IT advancement by visiting Samsung Electronics showroom.

 They also had an opportunity to experience Korean culture and history by visiting a palace museum and Gyeongbok Palace.

KTC Family

KTC Family

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