The 75th OECD Tax Seminar on Exchange of Information

The 75th OECD International Tax Seminar on Exchange of Information

2-7 July 2012, Seoul, Korea

□ The Tax Programme, OECD Korea Policy Centre (Director General: Seong-Dong Park

    , The Korean Ministry of Strategy and Finance) hosted the 75th OECD International

    Tax Seminar on Exchange of Information for six days from July 2nd (Mon.) to July 6

    th (Sat.), 2012 in Hotel Prima, Seoul, Korea.

□ Participants from countries in the Asia-Pacific region such as Malaysia, India, Viet 

    nam, Cambodia and the Philippines and etc. joined the event in order to strengthen

    their capabilities and to enhance understandings on Exchange of Information focus-    ing on Article 26 of OECD Model Tax Convention.

ㅇ Experts from OECD member countries (OECD Secretariat, UK and Australia)partici-

    pated as lecturers and 19 tax officials from 11 non-OECD economies in the Asia

    Pacific region joined the seminar.

Major Issues

□ Major issues dealt at the seminar are as follows;
ㅇ Article 26 of OECD Model Tax Convention
ㅇ OECD standards on transparency, exchange of Information
ㅇ Tax Information Exchange Agreements
ㅇ Process of EOI
ㅇ Agreement on Mutual administrative assistance
ㅇ International trends of EOI

□ In his opening speech, Director General of the Tax Programme, OECD/Korea Policy

    Centre, Mr. Seong Dong Park encouraged participants and experts who came a long

    way to Korea and said that this seminar will be a big help in development of tax

    systems and policies. He also asked participants to actively participate in discussions

    so that this seminar serves as a foundation for international tax cooperation net-


□ Mr. Park also mentioned that this seminar will contribute to prevention of tax avoi-

    dance and evasion while strengthening cooperation among countries in the Asia-

    Pacific region by information sharing between tax officials in each country.

□ At the seminar, OECD experts, tax officials from OECD economies (UK, Australia)

    and from Korea (Ministry of Strategy and Finance) participated as lecturers having

    discussions with participants.

□ The topic of this seminar, Exchange of Information was conducted centering on the

    Article 26 of OECD Model Tax Convention and OECD Tax Information Exchange

    Agreement to prevent international tax avoidance and evasion.

At the Closing Ceremony,

□ At the closing ceremony on Friday, July 6th, 2012, Director General, Mr. Park praised

    experts for their hard work for the past five days who led the seminar successfully.

    He also expressed his appreciation to the participants who have joined the seminar

    sharing their own experiences and information. Mr. Park also congratulated all the

    participants on becoming a member of the KTC Family, Alumni Association of the

    KTC and wished everyone to have good memories of Korea.

□ Director General, Mr. Seong Dong Park is granting a certificate to one of the partici


A chance to demonstrate outstanding features of Korea

□ After the seminar, participants’ response to the social events such as a lecture on

    Korean history & culture, Korean traditional musical performance, Seoul city tour

    and etc. were very positive. It was a very good opportunity to demonstrate out-

    standing characteristics of Korean history, culture and economic development

    considering that most of the participants visit Korea for the first time. 

□ Ms. Young Park, Communication Officer is giving a lecture on Korean history and


Tax Programme, OECD Korea Policy Centre

KTC Family

KTC Family

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KTC Family as a centre of multi-cooperation and networking hub for taxation matters in Asia-Pacific countries"

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