2011 OECD BCNOEs Meeting

2011 OECD BCNOEs Meeting

(2011.06.24, OECD Conference Center, Paris, France)

□ The 2011 OECD BCNOEs (BCNOEs: Board for Cooperation with Non-OECD Economies) meeting was held in 2011.06.24(Friday) at the OECD Conference Centre in Paris, France.

□ Eight Relevant officials from the CTPA including Mr. Richard Parry, and Mr. Ubaldo   Gonzalez, co-chairpersons including Mr. Masatsugu Asakawa and Mr. Edwin Visser and 20 representatives from 12 member countries participated in the meeting.

ㅇ In the meeting, current states, results and future directions of Global Relations Programme such as enlargement, and enhanced engagement and effects of Tax and Development were discussed in depth.

Main Contents

□ The main contents which were discussed in the meeting are as follows:

ㅇ Global Relations Programme

 – It is important to find out the most urgent challenges or issues in non-member countries in advance and provide a customized program to each of the country.

– It is important to lead non-member countries to interact with each other through international events like the Global Forum.

 – Cooperation with other international organizations such as the EC and the UN is also essential.

 – It is evaluated that the 2010 Global Relations Programme was successful and effective.

ㅇ Enhanced Engagement

 – Participants discussed an issue of deciding China, India, Argentina, and the Republic of South Africa to be a target country of full participation (countries who build official relations with the OECD) by the OECD Council.

ㅇ Enlargement

    – The OECD Council decided Russia to be a potential country of being a full participation and started to prepare relevant procedures.

   – The CTPA will proceed with an in-depth examination of Russia including transparency, development and compliance of system in the tax field and will report the results to the OECD Council.

ㅇ Tax and Development

– It is important to secure budget for the Tax and Development project and to settle down a problem of biased financial support in some countries.

– It is necessary to induce member countries to support financially and non-member countries to participate in various projects through Advisory Group. Additionally, securing budget through cooperation programs with international aid organizations is also an important matter.

ㅇ Report on the results of the 2011 Advisory Group Meeting (Zambia)

 – The Advisory Group Meeting which was held in March 28~30 in Zambia was held successfully with the full support of the Ministry of Finance, Zambia. -Five Multilateral Tax centers reported their programmes and results.

  – Other global relations programmes were reported.

ㅇ Others

– Participants discussed a date of 2012 OECD BCNOEs meeting next year whether to hold the meeting after the CTPA’s meeting or before it as back to back bases.

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