The 3rd KTC Family Alumni Association

The 3rd KTC Family Alumni Association

(2011. 5.20, Lotte Hotel, Jeju)

□ The Tax Programme hosted the 3rd KTC Family Alumni Association after the OECD-ASEAN Seminar on Auditing MNEs in May 20 (Friday), 2011 in Lotte Hotel, Jeju.

□ In this meeting, presentations on the subject of “Tax & Development” with effects of tax reform on economic growth were carried out by participant countries. Countries like Vietnam, Mongolia and Chinese Taipei mentioned that they have increased tax revenue and investments on infrastructures and also improved economic vitality through their developed tax systems which were developed based on knowledge and experiences learnt in OECD Tax seminars organized by the Tax Programme, OECD Korea Policy Centre.

ㅇ In case of Chinese Taipei, they could carry out tax negotiations successfully through acquired knowledge  and information related to tax treaties from the previous seminars and these promoted the national interests. In case of Vietnam, they have developed tax systems to manage multinational companies in Vietnam.

Election of New President and Vice Presidents

□ President and Vice Presidents of the KTC Family were newly elected as the term of Ms. Chu

    Wong Lai-fun (Deputy Commissioner of the Inland Revenue Department, Hong Kong) who was

    in the chair of the KTC Family Alumni Association since its establishment in 2006, expired.  

ㅇ Ms. Ling Jong Yuan (Director General of the Ministry of Finance, Chinese Taipei), former vice president of the

    KTC Family was elected as a new president and Mr. Van Phung Nguyen (Deputy Director General of the

    Ministry of Finance, Vietnam) and Mr. Wali Shaikh (Deputy Commissioner of the Inland Revenuye, Pakistan)

    were elected as new vice presidents by common consent.

Ms. Ling Jong Yuan, President
Mr. Wali Shaikh, Vice President
Mr. Van Phung Nguyen,
Vice President

Attendance of Director of the OECD Ankara Tax Centre

□ Ms. Ozge Gunay, Director of the OECD Ankara Tax Centre participated in the KTC Family meeting and introduced history and future plans of Ankara Tax Centre.

KTC Family

KTC Family

"KTC Alumni Association,
KTC Family as a centre of multi-cooperation and networking hub for taxation matters in Asia-Pacific countries"

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