A letter from Bhutan(the 6th OECD-ASEAN Seminar on Transfer Pricing)

  OECD-KOREA Multilateral Tax Centre

The 6th OECD-ASEAN Seminar

on Transfer Pricing

17-22 October, 2011



       The seminar on “Transfer Pricing Guidelines” scheduled between 17th to 22nd October 2011 was an eye-opening event, especially for the participants from Bhutan. Since our country has just emerged towards developing stage from that of the underdeveloped stage, our taxation system and laws do not recognized “transfer pricing” as separate issue. Through the seminar I acknowledged that the Bhutanese taxation system too have transfer pricing issues inbuilt in our existing tax laws and need to be recognized separately in order to deal individually when so many bilateral and multilateral tax laws encompasses our domestic tax laws.



     The experts from OECD and Japan presented the wonderful ideas and case studies which make us crystal clear about the transfer pricing issues relevant in other countries. The seminar gave us indepth knowledge and an insight of the transfer pricing issues and enlightened the intellectual horizon. The presentation on “Korean Taxation” by the representative from Ministry of Finance and Strategy also gave me knowledge about Korean taxation system, articularly the issues of transfer pricing dealt by Korean tax experts.


    Finally, thought it was my second trip to Korea, it was also wonderful sightseeing experiences by which I got opportunity to visit some of the historical places like Gwanghwamun square, Myeong-Dong shopping centre, Seoul Tower, Korean Traditional Folk Music (Miso), King’s Palace. The officials from OECD were very helpful, delightful, charming and friendly. Their assistance, humor would always remain in my heart and memory ever after. Besides, Kimchiand Bulgogi which I had experienced already, Ginseng Chicken dish was another Korean cuisine that was delicious to add in my memory.






    Overall, the course was organized in a very appropriate season (start of fall season) in which the climate was moderate and pleasant. All hotel accommodation and facilities were beyond our expectation. The sightseeing and visit of historical places schedules synchronized within the limited seminar time were really amazing. As such, I always love Korea and will surely try my best to visit again in future events organized by OECD and other agencies.





Anok Kr. Rai
Joint Commissioner,

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