A letter from Bhutan (The 72nd Tax Seminar on Tax Administration)

  OECD-KOREA Multilateral Tax Centre

 The 72nd OECD Tax Seminar

on Tax Aministration

November 14-19, 2011, Seoul



    I was fortunate to attend a course on “Tax Administration” conducted by the OECD at Korea Policy Centre.




    The course was well organized with a battery of highly experienced experts from the OECD, Denmark and USA. Although, the entire course was structured based on the best practices and experiences of the OECD countries, it has also provided good opportunities for the participants to share their own country experiences and learn from each other. Amongst many others, sessions on taxpayer service, primary processes of tax administration and compliance risk management were very enriching and remarkable. The afternoon workshop after every topic not only kept the participants active but has contributed significantly in making the course more interesting and lively. Mr. David Horton, an expert from USA made his session even more interesting by mixing few jokes with his lectures. His frequent but long laughter was something that no one can forget so easily. He has the capability to suddenly stop laughing which none of us had. If I am not mistaken, some participants laughed not at his joke but because of how he laughed and stooped laughing. I guess it was a typical American laughter…….






    The officials of the OECD Korea Policy Centre who were involved for the above course were found very frank, friendly, helpful and efficient. It was with their competence that the course was concluded successfully without any maladies.  The level of hospitality extended to the participants by the officials was exemplary. Outside the course, the NANTA extravaganza at Maeongdong not only revealed the age old Korean tradition but also mesmerized the participants with their acrobatic skills in handling those lethal weapons. The visit to Seoul N tower, Cheonggyecheon Stream and The Palace Museum were few places amongst others worthy of cherishing. Shopping at Dongdemun market gave us something to take home as memento of our visit to Seoul. The Korean cuisines served at different venues were scrumptious that everyone enjoyed till the last. In nutshell, all this visits gave us an opportunity to appreciate the Korean culture and admire the Korean architecture. 







Joint Commissioner
Tax Administration

Division, Bhutan

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