A Letter from Indonesia (The 8th OECD-ASEAN Seminar)

OECD-KOREA Multilateral Tax Centre

The 8th OECD-ASEAN Seminar
on Tax Administration: Taxpayer Service

23-28 April, 2012

I really liked the seminar on Tax Administration: Taxpayer Service organized by OECD Korea Policy Centre. It provided me with sufficient understanding of the taxpayer rights and behavior and how we could influence them towards the goal of tax administration. It also provided me with better knowledge and insight on the practices of other countries and how they overcome their obstacles in achieving a higher standard of taxpayer services.

I also truly appreciate the excellent performance of the program’s staff during the event. They were very helpful and friendly to make us feel comfortable. They were very professional and hard-working. It was very easy to fall in love with the culture, the city and the warmth of Korean people.

I hope the OECD Korea Policy Centre will continuously become the source of knowledge and sharing experience of tax practices around the globe.

Warm regards,

Mukti Wardhani

Transformation Management Subdirectorate

Decorate General of Taxes


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