A Letter from Thailand

OECD-KOREA Multilateral Tax Centre

The Bilateral Programme with the
Revenue Department of Thailand

 Seminar on International Taxation and Korean Tax Systems

3-4 April 2012, Phuket, Thailand

In my opinion, the seminar held by the KTC was one of the best seminars that I ever attended. It was due to not only the knowledge which we learned from the selected professional professors but also the excellent care provided by the KTC staff. Moreover, well organized, friendly and helpful support that the KTC staff has given us was more than we expected. Without doubt, all KTC staff had to work very hard to prepare everything for this perfect seminar.

The Bilateral Programme between KTC and the Revenue Department of Thailand helped us fulfill our knowledge about international taxation and understand the Korean tax systems better. Furthermore, knowledge that we gained from this seminar will help us improve our tax law more appropriate to tackle the new tax avoidances.

I am looking forward to a good opportunity to attend the seminar form KTC again.

Pakun Tunmaneewattana

Tax Economist
The Revenue Department

 of Thailand

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