A Letter from HongKong

OECD-KOREA Multilateral Tax Centre

The 7th OECD-ASEAN Seminar
“Tax Incentives”

13-17 February 2012, Prima Hotel, Seoul 

The 7th OECD-ASEAN seminar on Tax Incentives had been held on 13 – 18 February 2012 in Seoul.  I am very delighted to be one of the participants.  With the kind hospitality of the friends from the KTC who provided every support to all the participants before and during the Seminar, I had enjoyed a wonderful week.

The Seminar had allowed me to have a better understanding on different tax incentives in theory through the lectures given by the experts and in practice through the country presentations made by the participants.  Other countries’ valuable experience would certainly help my country to formulate tax incentive program successfully in future.

Apart from the technical side, the Seminar also helped to broaden my horizons.  In particulars, this was my first visit to Korea.  Various after class activities arranged by the KTC, including the Korean musical performance and study tour, gave me opportunities to experience more about the Korean culture and lifestyle.  It is sure that I will soon be back with my family to explore Korea, a respectable country.

Edwin YEUNG Siu-fai


Inland Revenue Department,


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