A Letter from USA

OECD-KOREA Multilateral Tax Centre

The 7th OECD-ASEAN Seminar
“Tax Incentives”

13-17 February 2012, Prima Hotel, Seoul 

During the past 15 years, I have had the honor and pleasure to serve as the course leader for several KTC/OECD tax seminars held at the Korean Tax Policy Centre.  Most recently in February 2012, I was the course leader for the KTC/ASEAN/OECD seminar on “Analyzing Tax Incentives”.  Based on my extensive experience with the KTC, I know first-hand that it offers several important features that distinguish it as a Centre for Excellence.

Most notably is the professional environment of the Centre.   The KTC leadership and staff ensure that all participants and experts receive all information necessary in advance of the seminar.  The seminars, themselves, are held at a state of the art conference facility in a world class hotel in downtown Seoul, which facilities high quality presentations and discussions.  During the seminar, all efforts are made to encourage regional dialogue among senior tax policy officials of ASEAN countries, and strengthen capacity for tax policy analysis, to help inform tax policy decision-making.  After the seminar, all participants and experts receive a CD with all the materials from the seminar, a very useful and practical tool that helps participants share the knowledge they gained during the seminar with their colleagues.  And to ensure that participants keep in touch and continue to share experience and knowledge, the KTC organized the KTC family and website as an information sharing forum.

This professional atmosphere, in turn, has attracted top level tax policy and administration officials from ASEAN countries, as well as very experienced experts from OECD countries.  Participants and experts alike know that the seminars are designed specifically to respond to emerging global trends and issues in the ASEAN region and to discuss new tax rules and methodologies to implement recommendations to improve effectiveness of tax systems.

One of the most important strengthens of the KTC is the hospitality and friendliness offered to all participants.  In addition to the seminar topics, the KTC staff shares its knowledge of the Korean tax system, culture and life in Seoul through a variety of events inside and outside of the conference Centre.  All participants emerge with a better understanding of Korea and the important role it plays in the world economy,

Each of my missions to Korea has been rewarding and memorable.  I am very grateful to the leadership and staff of the KTC for their enormous contribution to dialogue, discussion and analysis of most pressing tax issues and I look forward to returning soon.

Susan Himes

OECD Tax Policy Legal Consultant, USA

KTC Family

KTC Family

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