The 10th OECD-ASEAN Tax Seminar on Advanced Auditing Multinational Enterprises

The 10th OECD-ASEAN Tax Seminar on
“Advanced Auditing Multinational Enterprises”

14-19 October 2013, Seoul, Korea

□ The Tax Programme, OECD Korea Policy Centre (Director General: CHO, Kyu Bum) hosted the 10th OECD-ASEAN Tax Seminar on Auditing Advanced Multinational Enterprises(MNEs) on 14-19, October, 2013 at CenterMark Hotel in Seoul, Korea.

□ 26 tax officials from 15 economies including Bhutan, Chinese-Taipei, and India gathered to attend lectures dealing with features and tax treatments of MNEs. Participants also discussed and conducted relevant case studies. The seminar focused on examining and sharing “best practice” approaches that are adopted to deal with MNEs by OECD countries as well as participants in the seminar.

 ㅇ Participants were highly satisfied with the opportunity to share and learn each countries’ tax systems and administrations as well as individual experiences related to the seminar’s topic. Participants assessed that by asking questions, analyzing and presenting group case studies, and playing a role play (MNEs Vs. Auditors), they were able to gain in-depth practical knowledge applicable in their respective offices.

Main Issues of the Seminar

□ Main issues dealt at the seminar are as follows:

    – Features and Tax Treatment of MNEs

    – Introduction to each countries’ tax system and administrative

    – Country Presentation and discussion

□ Three experts, Melissa Muhammad(OECD), Naohito Suzuki(Japan) and Gloria Cassimatis(New Zealand), passed on their know-hows, methods of in-depth examination and fact finding procedures targeting MNEs, and hands-on background experiences to strength participants’ practical capabilities.

 ○ Participants were able to not only strengthen their working abilities but also gain significant interest toward issues relating to tax treatment of MNEs. They also showed sincere appreciation to the KTC and its members for hosting and managing the event.

Closing Ceremony & Experiencing the Korean History and Culture

ㅇ On Saturday, participants went on a study tour to visit places such as Changdeok Palace, N-Tower, and Namdaemoon Market which helped the participants further learn and deepen their understanding about the Korean culture and history.

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