The 113th OECD Tax Seminar: Tax Policy Analysis and Revenue Statistics

The Tax Programme of the OECD Korea Policy Centre (KPC) and OECD co-organized the 113th OECD Tax Seminar on March 3-8, 2019, at the Glad Hotel in Seoul, Korea. 

The seminar examined tax policy formulation through the basic theories of Economics and Public Finance and the changes in tax revenues due to tax policy formulation. In particular, a discussion was on the impact of changes in personal income tax and corporate income tax policies on tax revenues and economic revitalization. There was also an examination of the recent cases of tax policy improvements in developed countries such as the OECD and major developing countries.

The seminar was led by Ms. Celine Colin (OECD), Mr. Christian Valenduc (Belgium), and Mr. Alowin Moes (Switzerland). The seminar was attended by more than 30 officials from developing countries in the Asia-Pacific region engaged in enthusiastic discussions. 

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