The 20th Anniversary of the Korea Tax Centre

The OECD Korea Policy Centre-Tax programme (The KTC) has celebrated its 20th anniversary on August 25, 2017. The 20th anniversary ceremony has been held at Four Seasons Hotel in Seoul, Korea.

The KTC was originally started in 1997 on the exchange of agreement between the Korean government and Secretary-General of the OECD and integrated into the OECD Korea Policy Centre in 2007. Today, more than 4,000 participants and 500 experts from 50 different countries and various international organizations have joined the KTC’s events and seminars being collaborated with the OECD and international tax organizations. 

Since the KTC is increasingly recognized for the achievement in the past 20 years, its 20thanniversary comes at a historical tipping point for serving as a bridge between the OECD and Non-OECD Economies in the Asia-Pacific region.

For the 20thanniversary Ceremony, the KTC has invited former director generals and directors, experts and staff members. They have reminisced the moment when they worked for the KTC by sharing their pleasant memories and great experiences, and all invitees have been impressed by how the KTC has been successfully grown and taken an important role to bridge between the OECD and the non-member economies of the Asia-Pacific region. 

In the event, the director general ‘Choonho Park’ has made a speech to appreciate the KTC’s 20thanniversary and the senior research officer ‘Donghyun Lim’ has given a presentation how the KTC has been grown and advanced in the past 20 years.

Especially, Mr. Ben Dickinson from the OECD CTPA Global Relations Team and Mr. Eng Ratana from the General Department of Taxation of Kingdom of Cambodia have send congratulatory video messages to celebrate the KTC’s 20th anniversary and appreciate the KTC’s endeavor and achievement. These congratulatory messages have greatly contributed to the overall appreciation of the whole event and reminded how the OECD Korea Tax Centre has built good rapports with the OECD and non-member economies from Asia-Pacific region.

The event has been conducted successfully and the KTC has promised to continue serving as the leading organization in the Asian-Pacific region to spread advanced tax policies and systems by cooperating with the OECD.

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KTC Family

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