The 5th OECD-ASEAN Tax Seminar onAuditing MNEs

The 5th OECD-ASEAN Tax Seminar on”Auditing MNEs”

(2011. 5.16 ~ 21, Lotte Hotel, Jeju)

□ The Tax Programme hosted the 5th OECD-ASEAN Tax Seminar on “Auditing MNEs” for six    days from Mya 16 (Monday) to May 21 (Saturday), 2011 in Lotte Hotel, Jeju. The seminar was    followed by the 3rd KTC Family Alumni Association.
□ The seminar was participated by 30 tax officials from 13 Asian countries including Hong    Kong, Chinese Taipei, and Vietnam. Mr. Ubaldo Gonzalez from the OECD HQ, Mr. Niels    Jacobsen (Denmark), and Mr. Keith Jones (U.S.A) participated as experts and gave lectures on    recent information on auditing MNEs and ways of auditing.
     ㅇ The seminar was carried out with presentations and discussions on working experiences of auditing
         MNEs conducted in OECD member countries and advanced countries. This seminar was helpful to 
         developing countries where there are many multinational companies.

Main Contents

□ The main contents which were discussed during the seminar are as follows:
    ㅇ Nature of MNEs
    ㅇ Taxation of MNEs
    ㅇ Introduction to Permanent Establishments and Permanents Establishment Examples
    ㅇ Transfer Pricing Issues
    ㅇ Country Approaches to Auditing MNEs
    ㅇ Cross Border Financing Flows-Thin Capitalization Issues
    ㅇ Risk Assessment
    ㅇ Country Experiences on Audit Management and Oversight

ㅇ The seminar was carried out until Thursday followed by the KTC Family Alumni Association on Friday

Experiencing history and culture of Jeju Island

□ Participants made unforgettable memories in Jeju Island where it has a unique culture,

    history and natural landscape.

KTC Family

KTC Family

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