The 82nd OECD Tax Seminar on Income Tax Workshop

The 82nd OECD Tax Seminar on Income Tax Workshop

2-7 December 2013, Jeju, Korea

□ The Tax Programme, OECD Korea Policy Centre (Director General: CHO, Kyu Bum) hosted the 82nd OECD Tax Seminar on Income Tax Workshop on 2-7, December, 2013 at Lotte Jeju Hotel, Jeju, Korea.

□ Tax officials from 11 economies including Bhutan, Chinese-Taipei, and India gathered to analyze major individual income tax and discuss the policy challenges faced by participating countries through presentations relying on the recent OECD research as well as discussions, case studies and country presesntations.

ㅇ Participants actively participated in discussing issues related to individual income tax. They also assessed that they were more familiar with income tax policies after solving challenging case studies and learning each countries’ tax policies.

Main Issues of the Seminar

□ Main issues dealt at the seminar are as follows:

    ㅇ Each countries’ analysis of Individual Income Tax Policy

    ㅇ Tax trends and OECD research highlighting such changes

    ㅇ Country Presentation

□ Three experts, Alastair Thomas (OECD), Jonanthan Clarke (United Kingdom) and Jessica Rowe (New Zealand) shared recent trends and issues related to income tax and their practical experiences dealing with income tax policies.

Closing Ceremony & Experiencing the Korean History and Culture

□ Participants were able to not only strengthen their practical capabilities but also gain much interest toward individual income tax policies. They also showed sincere appreciation to the KTC and its members for hosting and managing the event.

ㅇ On Saturday, participants went on a study tour to visit places such as Seongsan Ilchulbong Tuff Cone, Seopjikoji and Seongeup Folk Village which helped the participants further learn and deepen their understanding about the culture and history of Korea and Jeju Island.

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