2014 Bilateral Programme with GDT, Cambodia

2014 Bilateral Programme
with General Department of Taxation, Cambodia

Tax Programme, OECD Korea Policy Centre has hosted the Bilateral Programme with the General Department of Taxation, Cambodia on December 17-19, 2014 in Phnom Penh, Cambodia to enhance cooperation on taxation between the two countries and raise national prestige of Korea in the ASEAN countries. 

Around 70 public officials dealing with international taxation, large taxpayers, VAT and IT in the GDT, Cambodia have participated in the Programme. H.E. Mr. Kong Vibol, Delegate of the Royal Government in-charge as Director General, General Department of Taxation said in his opening speech that he hopes this programme will contribute to capacity building of each individual. Currently, Cambodia is making efforts to establish the electronic taxation system in order to secure tax revenue and to legalize the underground economy. He also mentioned that lectures on TIS and VAT of Korea will be helpful to achieve their goals successfully and expressed his desire to enhance cooperation further with the Korean government.

The details of the bilateral programme with the GDT, Cambodia is as below:

ㅇ Seminar for Cambodian tax officials

   – Dates: December 17-18, 2014

   – Contents

     Basic theories of international taxation including tax treaties & transfer pricing and case

     studies focusing on actual experiences of Korea

    · Korean tax policies and administration such as electronic taxation and value added tax

    · Global relations programme of the OECD and Korean history & culture

ㅇ Meeting with officials of the Siem Reap tax office

   – Dates: December 19, 2014

   – Discussion on major industries, tax revenue and tax administration of Siem Reap with high

     ranking officials including the Head of tax office

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