The 90th OECD Tax Seminar on BEPS: Train the Trainers on Transfer Pricing

The OECD Korea Policy Centre has held the tax seminar on ‘BEPS: Train the Trainers on Transfer Pricing’ in collaboration with OECD from November 30th to December 5th in Seoul, Korea. Both the experts and participants have been keen on sharing knowledge, ideas and experiences in order to keep up with international tax developments. 

As part of a more focused approach on capacity building through the delivery of training for members, the seminar has provided the lead to design a transfer pricing competency roadmap, which sets out the expected technical competencies for each level of a structured three-level training programme. The roadmap is intended to serve as a guide in the development of transfer pricing curricula and takes into consideration the varying levels of transfer pricing knowledge and expertise.

Following are the main topics discussed during the seminar

 – Training Skills Overview
 – Issues on Auditing Cross-border Transactions
 – Transfer Pricing Methods and Comparability
 – Intra-group Services

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