The 1st Asia-Pacific Regional Meeting of Inclusive Framework on BEPS Implementation

On 11-12 November 2015, the first Asia-Pacific Technical Meeting on BEPS was in Yogyakarta by the Directorate General of Taxes, Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia in cooperation with the OECD Korea Policy Centre (Tax Programme).

This event has discussed the outcomes of the BEPS project and the challenges countries face in the region in implementing BEPS, and explored how countries in the region can engage in the implementation, on-going development and monitoring of the measures adopted, on an equal footing.

75 participants attended the meeting representing 17 economies in addition to officials from different international organizations. These technical experts provided feedback on the delivery of the BEPS actions, shared areas of priority for their countries, plans for engagement and activity, and described the challenges ahead.

The topics include as following:

– BEPS final deliverables: an overview

– Overview on Toolkits for implementation

– Report on Tax Incentives and Effective and Efficient Use of Tax Incentives for Investment

– Toolkits on the lack of comparable data and transfer pricing documentation

– Report on indirect transfer of assets

– Participation of Asia-Pacific countries in the inclusive framework

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