The Bilateral Programme with GDT, Mongolia

The OECD Korea Policy Centre (Tax Programme) has conducted a bilateral programme with the General Department of Taxation Mongolia on 19-20 August 2015 in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. This event was to strengthen the capabilities of tax officials from the General Department of Taxation Mongolia in the area of the international taxation.

Even though economics and tax base may differ in sizes between two countries, taxation issues are similar in the globalized market. Accordingly, the seminar dealt with the main topic ‘the international taxation and Korea’s experiences’ has improved their roles as the revenue collector for the government. The seminar has given a great opportunity to staffs from the General Department of Taxation Mongolia to build their capacities of taxation.

The Director General of the OECD Korea Policy centre has mentioned that the workshop would be a stepping stone for a better mutual cooperation in the field of taxation between Korea and Mongolia.

Overall, the seminar has provided participants with advanced knowledge and enhanced understanding in international taxation.

These are the main discussion topics during the seminar as follows.

– Korea’s development and tax

– OECD’s Global Relations Program & the Role of the KTC

– E-Tax Systems of Korea

– Value Added Tax in Korea

– Base Erosion and Profit Shifting: Selected Issues

– International Taxation and Korea’s Policy Experience

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