Asia-Pacific Regional Network Meeting on BEPS Project (12-13 Feb. 2015, Seoul)

The OECD Korea Policy Centre (Tax Programme) has hosted the Asia-Pacific regional network meeting on BEPS project. This workshop has been held in Seoul, Korea, on 12-13 February 2015and focused on the key priority subjects considered by the region regarding BEPS project.

54 participants from 21 economies in the Asia-Pacific region and experts from various international economic organization such as the OECD, the IMF and the USAID. They were present in two plenary sessions and shared their perspectives with tax officials.

The objective of the meeting was to feed the views of developing countries into the BEPS work and support the development of toolkits to assist implementation of BEPS solutions. This Regional Network Meeting was part of a new structured dialogue process in the Asia Pacific Region which will enable the views of Partner economies, and particularly of developing countries expressed at this meeting, to be taken into account in the ongoing discussions in the Global Fora, Task Force on Tax and Development and Working Party meetings relating to the BEPS Project and the implementation of solutions to counter BEPS.

The meeting discussed the following topics,

– BEPS issues in the Asia-Pacific Region as 2014 deliverables, ongoing 2015 deliverables with a focus on recently published BEPS discussion drafts, toolkits and implementation strategies

– How Partner economies can effectively provide their views into the BEPS project and other related work

– How Partner economies can ensure that the development of toolkits can assist them to implement solutions to counter BEPS

The input of this regional network meeting is fed into the development of toolkits as part of the implementation phase of solutions to counter BEPS.

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