A letter from India (The 72nd Tax Seminar on Tax Administration)

  OECD-KOREA Multilateral Tax Centre

 The 72nd OECD Tax Seminar

on Tax Administration

November 14-19, 2011, Seoul



    Quite enthusiastically I propose to share my experiences gathered during the 72nd OECD Tax Seminar on Tax Administration from 14-19 November, 2011.



    The event “Tax Administration” has helped me understand international practices on some of the key areas like Organization and Management of Tax Administration, Risk Management, Primary Processes of Tax Administration, Taxpayer Service and Performance Issues and workshop on Korean Taxation as presented by the Ministry of Strategy & Finance. The various workshops at the end of the topics have helped us discuss within the group of 5/6 participants from different countries and represent the outcome of the discussions in the event was wonderful experience. The experts of the event, as expected, were of very high standard and the presentations were very lucid. What has amazed me most is the time management of Mr. Alink, the simplicity of Mr. Horton, the seriousness of Mr. Appel and above all the witty presentation of Mr. Kim, the DG, KTC.





    23 participants from 14 countries along with 3 experts from 3 other countries lived together in Prima Hotel for a week, shared various areas of interests cutting across all barriers of language, culture, sex, religion, age is in itself amazing. The support provided by the hotel personnel was great.  The role played by the Secretariat of the OECD Korea Policy Centre is fantastic. The whole team is highly coordinated, dedicated and helpful all throughout our stay. I am grateful to all and especially to Ms Kim, for her constant watch on my food and helping I select my food, as I am allergic to beef and prawn. The study tours have provided unique opportunity to have a glimpse of Korean Musical Performance ‘Nanta’. We also enjoyed the places like N Seoul Tower, Gyeongbokgung Palace, Cheonggyecheon Stream, Gwanghwamun Plaza. The facility at the palace museum was great.  The Samsung d’light was delightful experience.




    This being my first participation in a foreign country, that too in South Korea, it is a memorable and unforgettable event in my life. God willing, I will visit Korea again.



Timir Haran Chakravorty
Joint Commissioner of Income Tax
Income Tax Department, Ministry
of Finance, Government of India


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