A letter from Cambodia (The Bilateral Program with GDT, Cambodia)

  OECD-KOREA Multilateral Tax Centre

 The Bilateral Programme, OECD Korea Policy Centre & GDT, Cambodia
International Taxation & Taxation of Financial Instruments
6-7 December 2011, Phnom Penh, Cambodia 



    I am TE Jeudi from Cambodia, the Kingdom of Wonder. This is my great honor to write this short text about the workshop arranged by OECD-Korea Policy Center. Anyhow, I, myself, have attended two programs of the OECD-Korea Policy Center. One was held in Seoul in November 2010 and other one in December 2011 which was held in Phnom Penh.




    Frankly, I figured out the two courses were very fruitful and very cooperative. The last one which was held in Phnom Penh was very important which was very effective to the economic context of Cambodia nowadays. As the Security Market was just born in Cambodia and the International Taxation still in progress, the financial instruments are very new to our Tax Administration, but we were all clearly shown the problems and the solutions by the Professors from KTC in the workshop. On the other hand, the course was well arranged. The KTC’ staffs are very friendly and helpful. We, the participants felt very warm and interested in the presentation made by the Professors. The bilateral program which plays a very important role is the strong wire for strengthening the cooperation between our two countries. And I hope that this cooperation will stay forever.



    Last but not least, I do hope that our Officials will have more courses, even arranged in here or in Korea.



    One more important thing that we do really hope is that this mutual cooperation will be stronger and stronger, and we all will meet again and again in the near future.  





TE Jeudi
Chief of Processing Tax Return,
Department of Large Taxpayers
General Department ofTaxation of Cambodia



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