A letter from Denmark (Expert of the 72nd Tax Seminar on Tax Administration)

  OECD-KOREA Multilateral Tax Centre

 The 72nd OECD Tax Seminar

on Tax Administration

November 14-19, 2011, Seoul



    I was invited to visit Seoul as Tax Administration Expert to the OECD Korea Policy Centre Tax Programme, November 2011. I am happy to now take this opportunity to share my experiences of what proved to be a most inspiring week of expert presentations of OECD best practice, in-depth workshops for participants, international knowledge sharing and last but not least, establishing valuable friendship and contacts across tax administrations from all over Asia.


    The syllabus on ‘Tax Administration’ is by definition going to have a broad scope, and is perhaps the broadest event offered in the OECD Korea programme in terms of topics covered. This is of course instrumental in covering the business processes from strategic planning of means and ends in segmentation and channel strategy, over primary processes in tax collection and legislation to debt collection, all with targeted focus on the details of core principals to the different topics.


    I was most impressed by the strategic investment of South Korea in the OECD Korea Policy Centre and the professionalism of the operation and programme. This is definitely on par with anything I have encountered elsewhere in the OECD system and beyond, and this is obviously of corresponding value to participants.

The success of the programme reflects the work of Director General Mr. Kim Jong Yeul of the OECD Korea Policy Centre and Programme Responsible Mr. Matthijs Alink from the OECD in planning and carrying out the event.     






    Participants quickly found themselves at home and the sessions were conducted in an open, informal and welcoming atmosphere which undoubtedly furthered participation across countries, rank and gender. Of special note were the generous social events arranged by the welcoming staff. This also helped in establishing informal connections and ties within the group of participants (and experts) that will be of great value in future exchange of experience and best practice.



    I trust that all participants were able to benefit from the program and learn from best practice, be these OECD examples during sessions or other countries takes at common core challenge as uncovered during the workshops or informal knowledge sharing during social events.


    Now, if anyone were to ask me regarding participation in the OECD Korea Policy Centre Tax Programme, I would pass them the following advice: Warmly recommended.






David Bay Appel

Expert, Denmark


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